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so today i am going to DCI. i am so excited. today has started perfectly. i woke up and spoke to my wife (my camp wife at least) and then had jello loaf and toaster scrambles. mmm... they r sooo good. now i have a cherry coke and im really happy. i learned a chord on my new guitar, and then talked to syerra. after that i spoke with alexa and now im talking to brandi. its a day full of kick ass DCI and talking to people i love. i think that in honor of DCI i might even shave... maybe... i dunno, i thought that i might grow it out, but i think ill shave. anyways im still hungry so im gettig more food... i might add more later. so for now, ciao

First blog

this is my first blog... after reading james' and kelsea's blogs i think i have the ang of this...
here goes: so kelz, james, and i went to dinner tonight. we went to texas grill and then to some new coffee shop... it was nice, we played golf and chinese checkers. then james and i went to his house, since i'm not at home this weekend because melia is getting married. right now i'm watching beach volleyball... i love the ads... they're on boobs and butts :) anyways... i just got done playing dominoes with james... it's 4:30 in the morning and i'm going to fuckin' DCI!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait. miyaka is going with and it's going to ROCK! casey may go, but i dunno yet. so jhames and i wentto wal-mart earlier... shit... it was crazy... he bought $167.01 worth of groceries... well, about $5 worth of groceries and alot of junk food, but it's ok. we were there for about 2 hours... i got mu guitar today.... i can't wait until i can play it... i can't even fucking tune it right now... but i'm working on it. anyway... back to the guitar and gatorade.... i'lll try to keep this updated.... but probably not because of CAMP... ciao!