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out of hibernation (FINALLY!!!)

so i've been asleep for the last 36 hours... no more vomiting... no more "bad poops" WOO HOO!!! no more raw butt! my back hurts a lot though. it's probably because i've been in bed for 36 hours... oh well... but i can listen to music without my head pounding now, and can sit up long enough to type. :) my only problem is that callbacks are tomorrow and i still have to memorize three more verses of "modern major-general". so i'm outta here... debating if i should go back to bed or not... i can't sleep too much because i have school tomorrow...



so... it's been a most interesting day... and pretty eventful too! i went to school like any other day, but i had my audition for 'pirates' after school. i think i did really well... a lot of people said i did the best out of everyone... so that's good. then after that i went to comal elementary school for the school board meeting. m i spoke to the board. james, lee, ing, and some parents all spoke to the board also, as well as mrs. jones. mrs. jones sucked ass, but everyone else did well. i think i have a lot of room for improvement though... i need some notecards and practice, but we're on the agenda for next month... so we'll see what happens!


so i need to go to sleep... but i'm not going to. i have auditions tomorrow. i'm really excited, but also very nervous. i know the music pretty well... i only mess up one line... and if you've heard me practice then you know that that's not bad. i'm thinking if i audition with the song of the part i want it shows initiative and it allows more time for improvement! well... i can't wait... also james and i are going to the board meeting tomorrow... it should be interesting... anyway... good night



there's an online petition and we need all of the help that we can get!!! here it is: please help!!! PLEASE!!!!!

i'm paranoid

all i can think about are the 'pirates' auditions and region auditions. i've been practicing both all day... interrupted more than ever, but some practice none the less. so i woke up on the couch this morning... i kinda freaked out because i didn't know where i was. so then, i moved to my bed... it was something like 9:00 am. then i woke up at noon and dad was in my room turning the breakers off. he turned all of my electric stuff off and then switched it back on and now i have to reset everything... and he said, "get up! we have company." i didn't know what he was talking about because i was still asleep. anyway... nana and papa were there. today has been kinda weird because well... i dunno... but it has been. sheldon's been gone all day, and i cooked fajitas, and i went to nana's to help, but they didn't need me, then i fell asleep in the parent's room watching a movie, and everyone has been overly respectful and gotten along really well... anyway... i want to order some music for TWINE, so i'm outta here, and i have to work on my english paper... i'll blog again soon... peace out

school... what more can i say?

so school started... i have a nice schedule, i have great teachers, it will be an AWESOME year... just one problem... it's a minimum security fucking federal penitentary... i can't even wear an american flag to school... there's a problem there. so far i have mostly followed dress code, i get to wear my scrubs to school so that's cool, but i don't like our new dress code. but on a positive note... all of my teachers are cool and i have an AMAZING schedule. we're putting a musical on... The Pirates of Penzance... i'm REALLY excited... i'm auditioning on thursday and call backs are on monday... i hope to be major-general... there's a really cool solo and i would get to wear a cool costume and all... anyway... gimp's being a dumbass right now... kelz should meet bottom sarah... the end. period. no more... so back to reality... school's going well and that's that. so i spent 5 or so hours at nana's today. yeah... enough said. dad almost killed sheldon with the truck and mel left all pissed off because dad was being pissy... but not because he almost smashed sheldon... anyway... they yelled and fought for awhile... and luckily i was in the shower for most of it... and now it's all over... and they're being all nice... i expected tension for at least a day... anyway... i've been busting my ass over region music... i hope to make at least top ten. if i don't i'll be really pissed... i spend about an hour a day singing... some days i do really well and others (like today) i suck ass... so i'm tired and i'm talking to camp people and this has taken me 45 minutes to write so adios...


mmm... yeah, kettle corn, yeah!!! (like hey, burrito!)

i'm eating kettle corn and i like it, bitch. mmm... **takes another bite** today was well... intersting... i went to school. normal. right? WRONG!!! i wasn't even supposed to go until tomorrow (the first day) and i was there for 4 hours. but, it wasn't too bad. [just for insiders: james is pooping right now] i spoke with ingraham. i spoke with mrs. gaskey. i spoke with the kool-aid man. i yelled at the attendance office..... so there's this musical that we're doing this year. pirates of biznatch or something... i dunno, but i really wanna be in it. i have my eye sat for the major-general. he's the father of a bunch of girls and is a pretty important role. there's a few solos and recicatives and such... sounds like fun... i hope the parental unit lets me do it. i would be REALLY mad if i couldn't. everyone around me is turning nazi... it might just be me viewing everything different, but a few people have been added to my nazi list, at least temporarily... so i'd to thank the acadamy the acadamy for today is: LAUREN ADAMS! thanks for the free lunch... it would have cost me $12 if you hadn't given it to me for nothin'! i appreciate it. well... it's back to my kettle corn... mmm... kettle corn... **MUNCH!!!**


this is friggin' serious

guys... this is a REAL website... they are soooo serious... i just happened to cum by it... yeah... i didn't really know what to think at first... it's so funny... here's the link: their philosophy is that if people think of peace and not war when they masturbate then the war will end and troops will come home... here are some of my favorites:
don't bomb cities... pet your kitties
abuse your middle piece... not the middle east
drop a load - not a bomb
kill kittens... not iraqis
shizzle your nizzle. don't kizzle the pizzle. yo!
my bush DOESN'T declare war
don't support bush... spank someone's tush
well... that's all i have for now... don't forget to check it out yourself!!!


Sunday, August 15th

my mood is kind of blah... i dunno what my problem is, BUT i've kinda been in a lot of bad moods lately... on a good note (c sharp... lol) (i'm a dork) i went tubing today. it was a blast... it was james, kelz, amy lefevere, and myself. it was a lot of fun. right now, i'm talkin to 2 of my most favorite camp people... miyaka and allyson :) also... i just got off the phone with keith marie... he tried to call me his bitch and i called him down for it... it was funny... so keith: who's whos bitch now??!! ANYWAY... they fired rachael and merle is a nazi... as a matter of fact, i really hate the guy... there is only one other person on my 'i wish these people to hell' list... and that's karen (if you don't know... it's a looooong story). anyways... school starts tuesday. :) :( i can't wait for TWINE to get started back up! well... i'm kinda pissy and don't feel like typing any more...








2 minutes...


3 minutes


4 minutes

being grounded sucks...

so i have12 minutes until i am ungrounded. so i'll use the remaining time to blog. here goes: friday at 11:57 pm - get grounded
saturday (all day) - i woke up at 5:00 pm
sunday (all day) - nothing worth remembering
monday - i cleaned my room for a couple of hours
tuesday - went to the orthodontist; went to the eye doctor; got new glasses; got new shoes
wednesday - PALs training: besides saturday midnite (when i am ungrounded), the hilite of my week
thursday - worked at nana's for a few hours; got internet to work on my computer
friday - go to mel's work, then to nana's; take to nana to pick up her car from the shop; go to the mall (again); talk online for a while, make this boring blog
so now i only have 5 minutes until i'm ungrounded


gimp and i are arguing about asses... does anyone find that odd? anyways... we've decided that my ass is huge and also black and blue because i like it rough and gimp's ass is just black. period.

blackness monster

i'm talkin' to gimp *singing "i'm talkin' to gimp!"* it is officially 3:42 AM and i'm talkin' to gimp... on MY computer... HELSJAH!!! and i'm excited that it's working. i think it's time for some music... but wait... my cd's are in my god damned backpack at camp, so it's no music for me... oh well... hi gimp. i'll see ya on wednesday!

friday the 13th

i hope i don't die today...

okay... so there are pictures now

i like this whole free thing going on... the pic host is great... and easy... i might add more i dunno but there's a couple for now...

this is my sister tara... oh yeah... and my dad too!
hip hip hooray!

this is me!!!
hip hip hooray!



i finally figured out my password... i don't know what happened, but it wouldn't let me sign in. anyways... it's fixed.
WHEW!!! after a loooong summer at C.A.M.P., i am finally home. now, i'm just getting ready for school. i have my schedule (a good one at that), a new backpack, new shoes, new glasses, and new shorts. now all that i need is some FUCKING shirts!!! ugh!!! i hate the new dress code!!! *breathes in deeply... counts to 10* (back on track now...) i spent my day at nana's. i woke up at about 11 and we all went to breakfast. we is mel, sheldon, dustin, and i. and breakfast is really sonic... BUT, that doesn't matter. then we went to nana's i worked in the yard until about 5:15ish. yeah... i HATE yardwork. i have blisters and rough hands now. and yes... i am whining... anyways then i came home and played my guitar. i didn't watch TV because i am grounded on my only god damned week of vacation for the entire fucking summer... *hurrumph* at least i have a 3 day weekend. i'm allowed to be on the comp, and listen to music. i can't go anywhere, watch TV, or talk on the phone. doesn't really sound that bad except for that it is my only god damned week of vaction. camp rocks though... anyway i'lll blog later... i'm going to fill out a CityYear application. check it out... i think that's the site... i dunno...